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We lead the construction team towards successful completion of project once the site goes live for execution. It is important that all project teams have a thorough understanding of client as well as project requirements. It is important that all walk the same walk and hence we lead these teams through constant communication. We adopt structured approach by way of templates and formats, setting up various protocols. TIME, QUALITY & COST are three most important and impactful elements of any project. The only way to succeed over these elements is by constant monitoring. So to summarize our involvement, we offer the following when we do project management of any project:

  • Project¬†Monitoring
  • Planning, Scheduling,¬†Monitoring
  • Minutes¬†of Meeting
  • Project Tracking
  • Identifying bottle necks & Change Management
  • Quality Audits
  • Resource Planning
  • Time and Progress tracking by Bar Chart
  • Cost Controlling, Forecasting Cash Flow
  • Project Documentation
  • Continous presence on site
  • Submission of Weekly and Monthly Progress Report
  • Adhering to all rules and regulations
  • Adhering to Health, Safety and Environment parameters as per company norms and global standards

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